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Kingrowleds was established in 2014, with experienced technicans have a bio-engineering background, dedicated to providing the latest technologies and solutions for lighting systems at bio-engineering and horticulture industries.

Being focused on design and development of LED grow lights, covering the full cycles cultivation of commercial cannabis for indoor and greenhouse supplemental lighting

We are featured by the reliable quality of assembly lines,high efficiency,easier installation for products and one stop delivery.

With a factory area more than 5000 sg.meter, the production capacity has reached 8000 units each month. The warehouse in USA is available for fast delivery.

Facilitated with full sets of testing equipments and laboratory apparatus, such as Integrating sphere,Multi-channel temperature recorderLuminous DecaytesterTemp&Humi programmable chamber,Transportation Simulation Tester etc.

led grow light factory

Kingrowleds makes your plants love growing.

The reasons why you'll choose us as your horticultural lighting partner.


Innovative Design

Each product is engineered for optimiztion. From functionality to efficient energy consumption, our horticulture led grow light is built for a better grow experience.


Application Based

Kingrowleds optimized horticultural lighting applications by building type (layout), plant DLI, spectral requirements and control demands.


Leading Technology

We Specialize in LED technologies for decades as they deliver the highest intensity while providing industry leading CRI and Optimized spectrum output from near UV to far red.

Light Recipes

Light Recipes

Kingrowleds's sustainable horticultrual lighting brings the sunlight indoors and we provide the high efficient spectrums as unique as your plants. 


Control System

Adjust each lighting with precision on our various control modules. Growers can automate the application of specific spectrum, intensity, and duration using the control app. 


Fast Delivery

For the convenience of commercial growers and hobbyists, Kingrowleds always keeps inventory so that you can buy local or international.

Welcome to the future of horticultural science & engineering!



To replace HPS/CMH Light. Kingrowleds provides a wide range of application-specific lighting solutions forall stages in a crop's life cycle.KP /KD/KM Series are specifically designed for vertical farming and is available in the vegetative germination, flowering, and tissue culture spectrums. They provide high PPF top lighting output and can be used to retrofit existing HiD facilities or as top lighting in vertical farms.



To replace 1000W HPS/CMH light.KL series is designed to provide high PPF output while their linear design allows them to be placed under existing greenhouse strut minimizing sun interference.The 2.8gmol/j high efficiency reduces power consumption and increasing sustainability and improving crop quality.